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Uber’s Project Luigi is a backdoor attempt to circumvent AB5 to continue to exploit drivers

John A. Costa, International President of the Amalgamated Transit Union, released the following statement in response to Uber’s Project Luigi:

“With Project Luigi, Uber continues to abruptly shift how drivers approach the day-to-day activities of the job while doing the bare minimum to attempt to comply with local and state laws. It is yet another indication that Uber has no intention of treating its drivers fairly and respectfully. It’s a backdoor attempt to circumvent AB5 and continue to exploit Uber drivers.

“The Amalgamated Transit Union calls on California lawmakers to stand strong in the face of Uber’s scattershot attempts to avoid granting fair wages and basic benefits and protections to its drivers. We will persevere in the fight to ensure the basic rights of rideshare drivers in the face of Uber and Lyft’s shameless assault on workers’ rights across the nation.”