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Aug 24

Transit Union Praises Obama Jobs Plan

Urges Congress to Act Now and Move Our Nation Forward

Media contact: David Roscow, 202-537-1645


WASHINGTON, DC - The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) released the following statement in reaction to President Obama' s introduction of the American Jobs Act.

“America is in critical condition and President Obama has recognized we need to stimulate the economy now and put middle class Americans back to work, “said Larry Hanley, international president of the Amalgamated Transit Union. “The American Jobs Act is a strong first step to create jobs, invest in our nation’s infrastructure, and dig our country out of this deep recession.

“Now more than ever is the time for our nation to pull together as a team, like we did ten years ago after 9/11, and get our country moving forward again.

“Republicans need to put their partisan and petty differences aside, heed the President’s call and do what is the best for country.

“Corporate America must join the fight and commit to creating good jobs in America with decent, fair wages that allow workers to provide for their families and the opportunity to pursue the American dream.

“Workers, who build and run our public transit systems, play a key role on this team.  They keep our economy moving by safely and reliably transporting employees to and from work, customers to businesses, and our children to and from school.  Every $1 billion invested in public transportation creates and supports 36,000 American jobs.

“It’s time to stop the finger pointing in Washington and pass the American Jobs Act to get our nation back on track and Americans back to work.”


About the ATU

The Amalgamated Transit Union is the largest labor organization representing transit workers in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1892, the ATU today is comprised of over 190,000 members in 264 local unions spread across 44 states and nine provinces, including 3,000 workers at Greyhound Lines, Inc. Composed of bus drivers, light rail operators, maintenance and clerical personnel and other transit and municipal employees, the ATU works to promote transit issues and fights for the interests of itshard-working members.