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Dec 4

Transdev Workers at Fairfax Connector Go on Unfair Labor Practice Strike, 12/5

Connector strike starts at 3am, will seriously disrupt rail feeder and bus service

Fairfax, VA – ATU Local 1764 members employed by Fairfax Connector contractor Transdev will go on strike in protest of the company’s unfair labor practices and bad faith bargaining. The strike will impact an estimated 30,000 bus riders and bus-rail commuters throughout the DMV.

“We held off as long as we could, but Transdev made clear at negotiations today that they would rather see service disrupted than their unfair labor practices ended,” said ATU International President John Costa. “While we remain committed to negotiating with Transdev to reach a fair and just contract, workers cannot be asked to tolerate an escalating campaign of union-busting in the meantime.”

The Fairfax Connector strike will impact 91 routes, seriously disrupting bus and rail feeder service in the region, especially as the Local 689 Transdev workers on strike at WMATA’s  neighboring Cinder Bed Road Bus garage continue into their 43rd day.

ATU Local 1764 members working for Fairfax Connector will picket at West Ox (4970 Alliance Drive, Fairfax, VA), Herndon (268 Spring Street, Herndon, VA), and Huntington (8101 Cinder Bed Road, Lorton, VA) divisions.

The National Labor Relations Board is currently investigating 36 separate allegations that Transdev violated federal labor law in the workplace and in negotiations with Local 1764. “Transdev’s Connector management is demonstrating even greater disregard for the law, their riders, and their workers at Fairfax Connector as they have with our Local 689 sisters and brothers at Cinder Bed Road Bus Garage,” Costa continued.

The union also noted that in the hours before negotiations, Transdev circulated leaflets encouraging ATU members to abandon the union, cross picket lines, and even turned some drivers away as they reported for regular shifts in an effort to discourage their participation in a potential strike.

In early November, the more than 600 members of Local 1764 at Fairfax Connector overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike over unfair labor practices by the French-based multinational employer. Their collective bargaining agreement with Transdev expired on November 30.

“We apologize for the short-term inconvenience to our riders, but if we don’t stand up to Transdev now, the long-term effects will be worse for everyone in the DMV,” Costa continued. “These strikes at Fairfax Connector and Cinder Bed Road are about the future of public transportation in our region. Do we want private multinational companies who break the law and put profit first while exploiting riders and workers and cutting corners on safety and service? We believe the resounding answer from workers and riders alike will be ‘hell no.’”