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Dec 7

Transdev rejects Fairfax Connector Workers’ Offer to Return to Work, Strike Will Continue

Fairfax, VA – Transdev has rejected Fairfax Connector workers’ offer to end the strike that has seriously disrupted the region’s public transportation system.

“We put a very reasonable offer on the table in hopes of ending this strike that has left riders out in the cold, but again Transdev rejected our offer,” said ATU International President John Costa. “Their disgraceful actions prove once again that profit comes first for Transdev, while riders, workers and the community take a back seat.”

The strike will continue with the more than 500 Local 1764 Transdev workers standing strong and united on the picket lines. Since the strike began Transdev has been able to only operate 15 routes on a Sunday service, meaning 84% of service was shutdown. This strike comes as Local 689 Transdev workers at WMATA’s Cinder Bed Road have been on strike for 45 days.

“We still remain far apart on most key issues, and until Transdev decides to stop their unlawful and disgraceful tactics at the bargaining table we don’t see an end to this strike anytime soon,” Costa continued. “It’s unfortunate because our riders come first and foremost for us, but Transdev left us with no other option.”

Strong support has been growing for the Fairfax Connector and Cinder Bed Road strikes from riders, allies and elected officials, many of whom are very concerned about privatization. On Thursday, the Northern Virginia Transit Commission, which appoints a Board Member to WMATA on Virginia’s behalf, passed a resolution further pressuring WMATA on privatization.

“This fight is about the future of public transportation in the DMV. We still remain hopeful and are committed to working to reach a fair and just agreement at Fairfax Connector,” Costa continued. “We also remain very concerned that Transdev continues to bargain in bad faith with our Local 689 sisters and brothers at WMATA’s Cinder Bed Road who have been on strike for 45 days and now the company won’t come back to the table until December 18. It’s the holiday season and WMATA General Manager Paul Weidefeld is the grinch who is responsible for allowing Transdev to treat his employees with such disdain and disrespect.”