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Dec 7

Transdev Endangering the Public with Scab Fairfax Connector Bus Drivers

Fairfax, VA –  Transdev-hired scab bus drivers at Fairfax Connector have been involved in reckless driving and near misses, endangering riders and the public, says ATU Local 1764, who are in the third day of an unfair labor practice strike against their multinational private employer.

“In their rush to attempt to get service out on the street during our strike Transdev has again demonstrated a complete disregard for the law and the safety of riders and the community,” said ATU International President John Costa. “This is shameful and reckless, and Fairfax County needs to put a stop to this immediately before a tragic accident happens.”

Furthermore, a Fairfax Connector safety supervisor has confirmed Transdev is sending out scab bus drivers who have not received the 200 hours of training as required by the County in Transdev’s Fairfax Connector contract. At the Herndon garage, there was a report of a supervisor allowing a scab driver who smelled of alcohol to drive.

In one incident two scab-driven Fairfax Connector buses nearly collided near Ballston Commons Mall in Arlington, VA (watch video). Another incident occurred when a Fairfax Connector bus had to make U-turn in a store parking lot on Elden Street due to the bus going the wrong way down a one-way street.  In both incidents, workers would normally be disciplined or possibly fired.

“This is yet another example of the perils of privatizing public transit or any public service, and this is the future that government outsourcers and people like WMATA’s Paul Wiedefeld are forcing on the entire region,” Costa continued. “We at the ATU have seen it again and again. These multinational companies win contracts with false promises of saving money and improving service, then come in and slash service, cut corners on safety, raise fares, and slash worker wages.”