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Nov 5

Transdev drops baseless lawsuit to shut down ATU Local 689 picket line at Cinder Bed Road Bus Garage

ATU International and ATU Local 689 released the following statement in reaction to WMATA contractor Transdev dropping their lawsuit against Local 689 workers striking at Cinder Bed Road Bus Garage.

“Last Wednesday, WMATA contractor Transdev filed a baseless lawsuit against ATU Local 689 and ATU International and demanded a Fairfax County judge immediately shut down our picket line at Cinder Bed Road Bus Garage in Lorton, VA.

“Today the ATU came fully prepared to disprove the private company’s outrageous allegations and attempt to break our strike. In order to avoid an embarrassing loss, Transdev unilaterally withdrew their request for an injunction against our picket line. The ATU remains fully prepared to defend the Cinder Bed Road Bus Garage workers’ rights in the court room, at the bargaining table, and in the streets.

“We await WMATA’s and General Manager Paul Wiedefeld’s decision to send Transdev back into negotiations. That’s the message we will deliver tomorrow at a rally outside WMATA headquarters.”