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The ATU to Bipartisan Infrastructure Senate “Gang”: Transit is Non-Partisan & Essential, Please Keep High Levels of Transit Funding

Silver Spring, MD – After the bipartisan infrastructure bill hit a roadblock on Wednesday, the Amalgamated Transit Union, the largest transit union in North America, is urging the bipartisan “Gang” of 21 Senators to keep transit funding intact in this critical legislation.

With some Senators pushing to keep funding levels down or even out of the bill and all Republicans voting no, ATU International President John Costa sent an urgent memo to Senators reminding them that public transit is a bipartisan issue that affects everyone’s communities.

“Transit is non-partisan. When people get on board our buses and trains, we don’t check to see if they are Democrats or Republicans. We serve Americans in urban, suburban, and rural areas,” Costa opened the memo.

The memo went on to outline how millions of Americans rely on public transit to get to work, school, the doctor, and other places from Salt Lake City, Utah, where ATU members proudly run one of the most popular light rail systems in the country to Portland, Maine, where ATU members provide a warm ride to transit-dependent riders in the dead of winter. 

“In North Carolina, ATU members make sure that residents of Ashville and Raleigh get to the grocery store,” Costa continued. “In Louisiana, it’s not just the big cities like Baton Rouge and New Orleans that rely on our service. People in Monroe, Shreveport, Alexandria, and other small towns need the bus to survive.”

The memo concluded by reminding Republican Senators that the riders who live in these areas and the transit workers who safely transport them are counting on them to support the highest transit funding levels possible in the infrastructure bill.