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The ATU: House passage of Infrastructure bill brings historic funding for public transit and critical worker safety measures

Silver Spring, MD – With historic funding to boost public transit, fix our nation's crumbling infrastructure, and improve safety for workers and riders, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), the largest transit union in North America, applauds the passage of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act by the House of Representatives late last night.

The bill includes $39 billion for public transit plus the five-year Surface Transportation bill, which is attached to the Infrastructure bill, resulting in a massive 63 percent increase in funding for public transit.

"This legislation is a game changer for public transit, workers, riders, and our country," said International President John Costa. "It's a down payment on our future. With record funding for public transit, the bill provides a historic investment in fixing and modernizing our nation's crumbling transit infrastructure. It will help fight climate change with funding to replace thousands of gas-powered buses with clean, zero-emission vehicles and provides critical workforce development to ensure frontline transit workers are trained to safely repair, maintain, and operate vehicles with this new technology."

The Union also applauds the infrastructure bill's inclusion of language from the ATU-backed Transit Worker and Pedestrian Protection Act that will make critical safety improvements to protect the lives of transit workers and passengers. For the first time, transit agencies will be required to take appropriate actions to ensure that workers are protected from these vicious attacks, improving safety conditions for everyone.

"There has been an epidemic of violent attacks on transit workers that has only gotten worse during the pandemic," Costa continued. "The Infrastructure bill provides important protections and safety measures to help ensure transit workers are safe on the job."

The ATU calls on Congress to pass the Biden Build Back Better plan to make critical and overdue investments in working people and their families with funding for childcare, home care, clean energy jobs, health care, tax fairness, and support for worker organizing.

"The vision of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is a comprehensive agenda for how we move forward as a nation for generations to come. So much is on the line. It's time to deliver what the American people voted for," Costa continued. "By the House passing the infrastructure bill, we are one step closer to achieving real, transformative change."