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Oct 29

Memorial for International Secretary-Treasurer Oscar Owens, 11am, January 20, 2020, MLK Day

Friday, October 25, 2019, brought yet another tragic loss for our International with the passing of ATU International Secretary-Treasurer Oscar Owens.  A beloved figure in the ATU, Oscar, known as “Double O,” was a man of great integrity, commitment, perseverance, and respect. A leader and friend to all, Oscar leaves an extraordinary legacy of service to the ATU.

To honor and celebrate Oscar’s life, legacy, and more than 53 years of service, ATU will be holding a memorial service at the ATU headquarters at the Tommy Douglas Conference Center in Silver Spring, MD at 11am ET on Monday, January 20, 2020, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Like Dr. King, Oscar was a strong advocate for civil rights and fought tirelessly for the rights of African Americans and all working families throughout the entire labor movement.

To RSVP for the Memorial please email

For accommodations please contact the Tommy Douglas Conference Center at 240-645-4000