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Dec 11

Local 689 Tentative Agreement is an Historic Victory Over Privatization, Time for Fair Contracts for Cinder Bed Road and Fairfax Connector Workers

Silver Spring, MD – ATU International President John A. Costa released the following statement in reaction to the tentative agreement reached between ATU Local 689 and WMATA.

“This agreement is an historic victory for public transit in the DMV. It’s a victory for Metro workers, riders, the public, and the entire region.

“This victory halted the ill-advised march to privatization in the DMV. At ATU, we’ve seen time and time again the perils of outsourcing transit. It’s bad for riders, workers and the community. These private multinational companies win contracts with false promises then slash service, cut corners on safety, raise fares, drive workers into poverty, and then abandon the communities they were supposed to serve.

“I am very proud of our sisters and brothers at Cinder Bed Road and Fairfax Connector. Their courage, solidarity, determination and resolve on the picket lines showed WMATA, their General Manager Paul Wieidefeld, and Fairfax County that transit workers will stand up against privatization and fight for equal pay for equal work. They are the heroes in this victory.

“Also this historic victory could not have been achieved without the incredible support from our riders, union allies, community advocates and elected officials.  We particularly want to thank our Fairfax County Board members for their leadership in stopping the privatization of our transit system as well as the Virginia delegates, senators, and Members of Congress who spoke out on behalf of public transit, riders and working people.

“Now it is time for Transdev to get back to the table immediately and give the Cinder Bed Road workers and the Fairfax Connector workers the fair, just and equitable contracts they deserve.”