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Dec 5

Local 1764 Fairfax Connector Workers Reach No Deal With Transdev, Unfair Labor Practice Strike Will Continue

Fairfax, VA – With no contract reached after a combative day of negotiations between Local 1764 Fairfax Connector workers and Transdev, the unfair labor practice strike will continue tomorrow, Friday, December 6, 2019.

Today, more than 500 workers walked out on strike in protest of the company's unfair labor practices, yet Transdev spent the day threatening to fire all of its workers.

“It is unfortunate for our riders that we were unable to reach a deal and they will have to find alternatives to get around again tomorrow,” said ATU International President John Costa. “This strike isn’t just about money, it’s about fair treatment, dignity and respect on the job for these workers. Transdev is treating these workers with same disrespect and disregard for the law as they have with our sisters and brothers who have been on strike at WMATA’s Cinder Bed Road for 44 days.”

Transdev also sent scabs to drive the few routes that were actually operating and most of these so-called drivers didn’t have the 200 hours of training that is required of all Fairfax Connector bus drivers. Furthermore, there were several reports of confirmed bus accidents by these scab drivers.

“Transdev is endangering the riders and the public by sending these untrained, inexperienced bus drivers out. They should be held accountable,” Costa continued. “We remain ready to negotiate as long as is needed to reach a deal. It's time for Transdev to stop these unfair labor practices and give these workers the fair contract they deserve. Or maybe it’s time for Fairfax County to fire Transdev!”