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Las Vegas Transit Workers Rally for Unity & Fairness

Call for a fair contract as RTC GM Quigley gets giant bonus & pay raise

Las Vegas, NV - Calling for fair treatment, a fair contract and economic justice for all working people of Las Vegas, contract workers for the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) workers held a unity rally. The 15-foot inflatable ATU camel was arrested at the rally.

The RTC workers, employed by private contractors Keolis and MV Transportation, have been working without a contract for more than two years. Meanwhile RTC gave General Manager Tina Quigley a pay increase and bonus package valued in excess of $17,400. Her salary now exceeds $222,000 annually, and when combined with her generous retirement package she is one of the highest compensated transit managers in the United States. 

"These are the workers who operate and repair Las Vegas buses ensuring riders get to their destinations safely and on time day and night. It is a stressful and often dangerous job. Yet, RTC and their private contractors continue to pay poverty wages and treat us with disrespect,” said Jose Mendoza, president of Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1637, representing the RTC workers. “Adding further insult to injury, RTC and the two private companies need to explain why they rewarded RTC GM Quigley a gigantic 8% pay raise.”

Furthermore, RTC has been spreading rumors and misinformation about a possible strike.  The agency has also wasted more than $1 million on replacement drivers from California.

“There is a pattern here of behind-closed-doors contracting practices, arrogance, and mistreatment of the workforce," Mendoza continued. “And we intend to expose these misdeeds and exploitation to our riders and the people of Las Vegas.”

In the coming weeks, RTC workers will be launching a public awareness campaign with various activities including leafleting riders, rallies, social media campaigns and more.