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Jan 18

DMV Opinion Poll on Metro Reveals Public’s View on Problems Plaguing Metro

Poll Conducted by Fingerhut Granados Opinion Research Reveals Support for Metro’s Workforce and Demand for Dedicated Funding of the System

Only 5% of Respondents Cite Workers and Their Union as
the Entity Most Responsible for Metro’s Problem

Silver Spring, MD-  A survey of residents of the D.C. metropolitan-area on Metro revealed what the public thinks are the causes of the system’s problems and the best way to fix those problems. The survey found that overwhelmingly, D.C. metropolitan-area residents blamed Metro’s management over a number of years and a lack of adequate funding from the three jurisdictions served by Metro – Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia – as well as the federal government for the safety and reliability issues plaguing Metro. The survey was conducted by Fingerhut Granados Opinion Research, the polling arm of Vic Fingerhut Campaigns, for the Amalgamated Transit Union.

“Since it was built four decades ago, Metro has been subject to neglect and mismanagement, the results of which were highlighted earlier this week by a derailment on the Red Line,” said Lawrence Hanley, President of the Amalgamated Transit Union. “This poll shows that the public understands the main causes of Metro’s problems – decades of mismanagement and a lack of adequate funding. The public understands that the notion fed to them by Metro’s management and area politicians, that the system is being brought down by bus and train operators, is frankly ridiculous. It’s time for the jurisdictions served by Metro and the federal government to come up with adequate funding for Metro and to stop scapegoating the frontline workers who make the system run.” 

“Our survey aimed to find out what the Washington metropolitan-area public felt about the long-term causes of Metro’s problems and  contained a wide variety of questions regarding the responsibility of a number of factors for these problems,” said Vic Fingerhut of Fingerhut Granados Opinion Research. “The data was not only clear, it was decisive.”

The survey asked respondents which they thought was most responsible for Metro’s current problems: Metro’s poor management over many years; the workers at Metro and their union; or the lack of adequate funding from the local jurisdictions served by Metro. Only 5% blamed the workers and their union, while 36% blamed poor management over many years and 30% blamed the lack of adequate funding from the local jurisdictions. When asked which was most responsible for safety problems at Metro, poor planning and safety oversight from management or lazy and irresponsible workers, 58% blamed management while only 7% blamed workers. To download the survey and read the results in their entirety, click here.

This represents the first public opinion poll that has asked residents of the D.C. metropolitan-area what they think of Metro and the various proposals put forth by elected officials and civic groups that would impact millions of riders and workers throughout the region. The polling firm, Fingerhut Granados Opinion Research, is a well-known national and international polling and communications firm that has polled publics for over four decades in the United States and abroad. The survey sample included 450 completed interviews, with 150 from each of the three major Metro service areas (D.C., Maryland and Virginia). It was conducted during the second week of December, 2017.