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Sep 22

ATU Shows Solidarity with Striking Bus Drivers in Norway

ATU says they call us heroes, but treat us like zeroes

Silver Spring, MD – The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) expressed strong support for the strike by bus drivers in Norway. The bus drivers are represented by four unions - Fellesforbundet and Fagforbundet, Yrkestrafikkforbundet and Jernbaneforbundet.

“I want to express the strong support of the more than 200,000 members of the Amalgamated Transit Union with bus drivers on strike in Norway. These bus drivers - like our brothers and sisters - have been risking their lives since this pandemic began to provide critical transportation to essential workers and all those who rely on public transit,” said International President John Costa , who heads up the largest transit union in North America. “They call us heroes on the frontlines, but at the bargaining table they expect us to take zeroes.”

Costa asserted the Norwegian employers’ organization - NHO Transport and Spekter – is attempting to use the coronavirus as cover to refuse the workers’ demands as transit agencies in North America have done to try to cut wages and benefits and even lay off workers.

“As fellow transit workers we recognize the struggle to fight these tactics. This strike sends a loud and clear message that working people will not stand silent,” Costa continued. “The ATU stands in solidarity with Norwegian bus drivers in their fight for a fair and just contract that recognizes their commitment and dedication not only during the pandemic, but every day.”