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Jun 20

ATU praises successful Brazilian protests to roll back transit fare increases

Calls on US commuters for action against deep service cuts, steep fare hikes

Washington, DC – Larry Hanley, international president of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) released the following statement in support of Brazilian protests to successfully fight back public transit fare increases.

“Brazilian commuters, students and citizens have demonstrated what can be achieved by standing strong together to fight against bus and subway fare hikes. The ATU stands in solidarity with the Brazilian protestors as they fight for real change and improvements in public service for working families across Brazil.

“As many U.S. transit agencies continue to slash service, increase fares, and abandon routes despite historic highs in ridership, American commuters should take notice of the successful protests in Brazil and rise up to demand affordable, reliable and safe public transportation. The ATU remains committed to this cause and stands in solidarity with our riders in the US and Canada in this fight for more and better public transit.

“The Brazilian protests should also serve as a warning to all politicians that they will jeopardize their own political future if they ignore the needs of the burgeoning number of public transportation users in the United States and Canada.”