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Mar 15

ATU on stabbing of CTA worker on the job: Time for better protection for all transit workers, riders

Amalgamated Transit Union International President Larry Hanley issued the following statement on the stabbing of a CTA worker early today.

“The stabbing of this CTA worker on the job serving the public is a yet another example of the disturbing epidemic of senseless attacks on transit workers.  Our thoughts and prayers are with this worker’s family and our brothers and sisters at our Chicago Locals 241 and 308.

“Unfortunately this violent attack is not an isolated incident. Verbal abuse, being spit on, punches in the face, stabbed, shot at, and having liquids - even urine - thrown at you, have unfortunately become a routine and disturbing part of the job for our members.

“Transit workers cannot go to their job, and passengers cannot take public transportation in fear of being attacked and assaulted.

“ATU demands that Congress pass the Transit Worker and Pedestrian Protection Act to address this problem. This is common-sense legislation that will help protect transit workers on the job and improve public safety for passengers travelling on public transit.”