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Feb 1

ATU mourns the passing of retired International Vice President Richard C. Branson

The ATU is sad to report retired International Vice President Richard C. Branson passed away suddenly on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, in Arizona.

"We send our deep felt condolences to the family of retired International Vice President Richard Branson and his sisters and brothers of Boston Carmen's Union, Local 589," said ATU International President John Costa. "IVP Branson grew up in the ATU as his father was a member for 42 years."

A second generation ATU member, IVP Branson became a member of the Boston Carmen's Union, Local 589 in July 1965. Branson's father was a member of the Local before him from 1917 until his retirement in 1959.

Branson was first elected to Local office as a Car Barn Committeeman in December 1971. Two years later, he was elected Vice President of his Local. From June 1974 to December 1975, he served as acting President of Local 589. At the time, Branson was elected as an Executive Board Member of Local 589 and served in that capacity until March 1986, at which time he was appointed ATU International Representative by International President James La Sala.

Branson was first elected an ATU General Executive Board Member-at-Large at the ATU's 1981 International Convention and was re-elected at the 1983 Convention. He was elected International Vice President at ATU International Convention in September 1986. A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, IVP Branson retired in February 1996. Branson, who is predeceased by his wife Mary and son Peter, is survived by three daughters Pam, Paula, and Penny and five grandchildren.