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Jan 28

ATU Local 1447: First Transit needlessly creating panic among workers, riders amid losing TARC contract

Louisville, KY – After losing the Transit Authority of River City (TARC 3) contract to operate bus paratransit accessibility service, First Transit has been needlessly creating panic among workers and riders of massive job layoffs, says ATU Local 1447-Louisville, KY, who represents the workers.

“Since First Transit lost the contract to MV Transportation, some First Transit supervisors and dispatchers have been lying to workers that they will be laid off,” said ATU Local President Theo Hamilton. “This is a downright lie. We have been in touch with MV and are committed to ensuring these experienced and veteran drivers, monitors and other workers will continue to provide the safe and reliable service these riders have counted on.”

First Transit lost the contract to run the paratransit service to MV Transportation on January 10, 2020. MV takes over the service on April 1, 2020.

“We are at a loss to why First Transit would be creating this panic among riders and workers,” Hamilton continued. “We guess it’s just sour grapes after losing the contract.”