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Oct 22

ATU: Liberal minority will give workers and public transit an opportunity in Canada

Silver Spring, MD – ATU International President John A. Costa released the following statement in reaction to the election of a Liberal minority government in Canada.

“With the election of a Liberal Minority Government workers sent a clear message that elected officials will be held accountable. We have a real opportunity to build on investment in public transit, create jobs, clean up our environment, and improve public services for all Canadians.

“A special shout out to New Democratic Party’s Matthew Green on his victory. New Member of Parliament Green is a friend of the ATU, a strong advocate for public transit, and a champion of working people. We look forward to working with him to bring about social and legislative changes that workers deserve.

“It was also very encouraging to see ATU Locals and members across Canada engaged in this election, mobilizing our members, riders, and the public to vote for pro-worker, pro-transit candidates. We have brought in many new ATU activists to continue to build on our solidarity and to strengthen our union and our political action.”