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Oct 11

ATU: Happy Thanksgiving Canada & Make Your Voice Heard at the Polls

Amalgamated Transit Union International President John Costa issued the following statement to mark Thanksgiving in Canada.

“This weekend, Canadians will gather with family and friends to give thanks for all of the blessings they have received. Canadians are proud to live in one of the most progressive nations in the world, where workers have access to national healthcare, a national pension, and broad labour protections.  

Canadian Thanksgiving“These were not achieved without the hard work and sacrifice of trade unionists and activists who fought hard for a better life for all Canadians and their families. Yet there will always be those who have a vested interest in taking it all away.

“The best way to honor those who gave so much of themselves is for working Canadians to make their voices heard in the upcoming federal elections and reject the forces trying to take away the rights of working people, crush the labour movement, and gut public services. That is why all Canadians should vote in the advance polls this weekend or on election day on October 21.

“Exercising our democratic franchise not only honours the memory of those who fought before, but can preserve and expand what they accomplished for our children and generations to come.

“Again Happy Thanksgiving to our sisters and brothers in Canada."