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Aug 7

ATU condemns shutdown of DeCamp Bus Lines, demands emergency federal funding for struggling motor coach industry

Union calls for passage of Coronavirus Economic Relief for Transportation Services (CERTS) Act

Silver Spring, MD – More than 100 workers are out of a job and thousands of people are left stranded after DeCamp Bus Lines closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic while the government has failed to provide emergency transit funding for the struggling motor coach industry.

“Not everyone owns a car. Working people won’t be able to get to their jobs. These DeCamp bus operators have been risking their lives to provide critical transportation during the pandemic and now they are out of a job because the elected officials in Washington can’t reach a deal on another critical COVID-19 relief bill,” said ATU International President John Costa. 

Along with the 100 DeCamp workers, members of ATU Local 1614-Dover, NJ, more than a thousand other ATU members have been laid off or furloughed with ridership drastically down on motor coach buses. Unlike city transit agencies, the motor coach industry was not included in the U.S. CARES Act that provided $25 billion in emergency funding for transit systems.

The ATU is pushing the U.S. Congress to pass the Coronavirus Economic Relief for Transportation Services (CERTS) Act to provide the highest level possible of direct emergency funding to Greyhound and other intercity bus companies that have been devastated by COVID-19.  The Union has an online campaign demanding Congress pass the bill at

“These workers and riders see inaction In Washington as a betrayal and an insult. Motor coach buses and the workers in this industry do critical work of transporting people. These workers are no less important than any workers in essential industries that the government has supported during the pandemic,” Costa continued. “We call on Congress to pass the CERTS Act or include it in their next COVID-19 relief legislation.”