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ATU Calls For Patience As Vote Count Continues

Silver Springs, Maryland – Due to an historic number of votes cast in the Presidential election, including a large number of mail-in and absentee ballots, votes are still being counted in key states.

“This election has resulted in record-breaking voter participation like we have never seen in our nation’s history. Therefore, we must be patient while waiting for the results. We must ensure that every vote is counted, as we do in every election,” said International President John Costa. 

“As you may already know, there are attempts to stop properly cast votes from being counted in various states. We denounce this obvious attempt to undermine the will of the American people. We must let our trusted election officials do their job to count and verify every ballot. Our democracy depends on it,” Costa continued. 

During this election, ATU members mobilized across the country like never before with phone banking, text messaging, drive by rallies, and involvement in campaigns.

“Joe Biden not only has a strong lead in the popular vote, he received more votes than any other Presidential candidate in American history, demonstrating that voters are ready for a new direction for our country,” Costa continued. “Despite the many challenges of the pandemic and attempts to suppress the vote, millions of Americans have voted to shape the future of our country.  The ATU believes that people’s voices and their votes must be respected no matter how long it takes to determine the outcome of this election.”