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Oct 26

ATU: Americans deserve COVID relief, not a new Supreme Court Justice

“As transit systems struggle, working families suffer, and the pandemic worsens, the GOP-led Senate rams through the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, but can’t find time to schedule a vote on the HEROES Act to provide long-overdue COVID-19 relief for our country.

“Judge Barrett’s confirmation further tips the balance of power of the nation’s highest court against working families and in the pockets of corporate bosses and wealthy elitists. The Affordable Care Act, civil rights, job safety, and the rights of workers are now all at risk.

“That the GOP Senate orchestrated this confirmation just days before the most important election in our nation’s history will forever leave a stain on our democracy. It is undemocratic and wrong. As the American people head to the polls, they should send a loud and clear message that working people will not stand for this anymore.”