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Feb 17

Another Nightmare for Fairfax Commuters? Second Unfair Labor Practice Strike by Transdev Workers at Fairfax Connector as Early as Feb. 20

Fairfax, VA – After almost three more months of fruitless contract negotiations with Fairfax Connector contractor Transdev — coupled with Fairfax County’s failure to deliver on their promise to assist in reaching a fair deal — ATU Local 1764 Fairfax Connector workers have begun preparations for a second possible unfair labor practice strike.

“Transdev has once again pushed our members to the brink,” said ATU International President John Costa. “While we remain committed to negotiating with Transdev to reach a fair and just contract, we are disappointed that Fairfax County hasn’t stepped in as promised to ensure Transdev gives our members — who serve their community — the fair contract they deserve. We are once again left with no other option but to strongly consider walking off the job again later this week.”

Early last December, the more 500 Fairfax Connector workers walked off the job for four days. Transdev was able to only operate 15 routes on a Sunday service during the strike, meaning 84% of service was shutdown. The workers decided to go back to work after Fairfax County officials intervened with a promise to help the parties reach a fair and just contract or hold a vote declaring Transdev in breach of its contract — neither of which has occurred.

The Fairfax Connector strike came as ATU Local 689 Transdev workers at WMATA’s Cinder Bed Road had been on strike since late October. After WMATA and Local 689 agreed not to renew Transdev’s contract at Cinder Bed Road, the strike ended on January 14 after more than 80 days. During both job actions, workers received strong support from riders, allies and elected officials, many of whom are very concerned about privatization.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is still currently investigating the unfair labor practices covering more than 40 separate allegations that Transdev violated federal labor law by failing to bargain in good faith with Local 1764.  

“It’s long overdue for Fairfax County to hold Transdev’s feet to the fire or get rid of them, just like WMATA did at Cinder Bed Road,” Costa continued. “This union-busting multinational company knows no bounds in their lawlessness and complete disregard for federal labor law. Transdev cares about one thing—pursuing profit at the expense of workers, riders, and the communities they exploit.”