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Oct 11

ATU wins ILCA labor media awards

For excellence and distinction in communications ATU was honored to receive six 2014 Labor Media Awards from the International Labor Communicators Association (ILCA).  ILCA says that their choices represent some of the best and most inspired work in labor communications and that the awardees are to be congratulated in promoting the highest standards of labor journalism.

“The ATU is honored to be awarded these prestigious awards. With the fast moving, changing and ever expanding media, we recognize the importance of effectively and creatively communicating with our members and the public,” said ATU International President Larry Hanley.  “I’d like to commend our communications staff, writers, graphic designer and cartoonist for their excellent work.”

The awards included:

  • 1st Place: Best Design Internet, “ATU International Website”

  • 1st Place: Best Cartoon, “Struggle Against Austerity - In Transit Jan/Feb 2013”

  • 1st Place: Saul Miller Award / Political Action, “What Works - ATU Members Shaking Things Up All Over U.S. and Canada - In Transit May/June 2013”

  • 2nd Place: Best Design Magazines, “Struggle Against Austerity - In Transit Jan/Feb 2013”

  • 2nd Place: Best Editorial or Column, “Atlanta Transit Bill Harkens Back to the Days of Jim Crow”

  • 3rd Place: Best Front Page/Cover, “Struggle Against Austerity - In Transit Jan/Feb 2013”