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Feb 15

2013 NYC Mayoral candidates pledge support for striking school bus drivers & matrons

Democractic Candidates for Mayor 2013


February 14, 2013

Mr. Michael Cordiello
Local 1181 of the Amalgamated Transit Union
101-49 Woodhaven Boulevard
Ozone Park, NY 11416

Dear President Cordiello:
As the school bus strike enters its fifth week, we are increasingly concerned about the safety and wellbeing of our city's most vulnerable school children, the burdens placed on their families and the economic hardships borne by your members as they fight to protect their jobs and ensure the safest possible service for our children.

Clearly this is a strike nobody wanted. We understand that this dispute was brought on by the issuance of bus service bids without consideration of the importance of experienced, professional drivers and matrons retaining their jobs to providing the safest possible service.

Since the strike started, it has become increasingly clear that rising transportation costs are not the result of employee wages, benefits or job protections. And now, with the opening of the new bids even more questions have been raised as to whether the City, after putting our school children at risk, will experience any significant cost savings.

This city and our families depend on a well-trained, quality work force. And we continue to stand with you in your battle for job security and decent wages. At this time, however, with an intransigent administration unwilling to accept, as the union has, Judge Mollen's call for a suspension of the bids and the strike to pursue a negotiated resolution to the dispute, we call upon you and your members to return to their jobs and continue the battle in other ways.

We know this is not an easy decision. But we pledge, if elected, to revisit the school bus transportation system and contracts and take effective action to insure that the important job security, wages and benefits of your members are protected within the bidding process, while at the same time are fiscally responsible for taxpayers.

Working together we are confident that a fair, lawful and expeditious process can be reestablished that meets our shared goals of safety, efficiency, and job security, with the best possible service provided by a highly qualified and properly compensated work force to safely transport the children of New York City.


Public Advocate Bill de Blasio

Comptroller John C. Liu

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn

Fmr. Comptroller William C. Thompson

Fmr. Council Member Sal Albanese