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Bus driver Joe, and bus rider Jane, ‘take it on the chin’ with Trump tax scheme

“On behalf of Joe – the bus driver, and Jane – the bus rider, we condemn Congress’s passage of the Republican tax plan – the most outrageous money grab in the history of our country that will destroy what is left of the American middle class,” said International President Larry Hanley.

The Congressional Budget Office reports that by 2027, people making $40,000 to $50,000, will pay a combined $5.3 billion more in taxes. Meanwhile, rich people earning $1 million or more would get a combined $5.8 billion tax cut.

$1.5 trillion added to federal deficit

Adding insult to injury under this obscene legislation, America goes further in debt, adding $1.5 trillion to the federal deficit over 10 years.

“America is the wealthiest country in history, but we can’t pay our bills. We owe $20 trillion and now Congress will add over a trillion more to give people with gold drapes money they do not even need,” Hanley continued. “While working class people like Joe and Jane are left behind.”

This legislation will also limit Joe’s combined state, local, and property taxes to $10,000, making it more difficult for him to make ends meet and save for his kids’ college. Joe has been driving a bus for 10 years and will need to retire soon due to chronic back and kidney problems. He will need continuous, costly medical care for the rest of his life. But under the new bill Joe won’t be able to deduct unreimbursed medical expenses exceeding 10% of his adjusted gross income.

As a result, Joe will also eventually be paying thousands of dollars in additional federal income taxes. He may lose his home after exhausting his retirement savings.

And Jane, who relies on public transit every day to get to her job at the grocery store, doesn’t fare much better. Current law provides her with a tax benefit for taking public transit to work. Under this legislation employers can no longer write off expenses tied to individual commutes. So, Jane’s boss will most likely pull out of the program and she may have to walk to work.


13 million left without health insurance

Adding insult to injury, the bill calls for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s mandate for most people to have health insurance. This would leave 13 million people without insurance and drive up premiums for many others who are already struggling to afford coverage.

“Instead of moving to universalize healthcare, they’re moving to universalize medical poverty,” Hanley asserted. “And you can bet they’re going to come for Medicare and Medicaid next.”

Meanwhile corporate America and the 1% are cheering this bill. They will get even richer through massive and permanent corporate tax giveaways, making millionaires into billionaires while leaving the rest of America behind.

Public transit loses too

“Where in the world is Congress going to find the revenue needed to fund the massive trillion-dollar infrastructure package that just about everyone in Washington thought was a good idea?,” Hanley asked. “It won’t be from the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) that is not addressed in this legislation. That’s not good for Joe, Jane, or any other American that travels each day on our crumbling roads, bridges, or transit systems."