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Make your voice heard in the ATU presidential endorsement

Do you want a voice in the ATU presidential endorsement process?

I hope so. Here’s your chance:

Over the coming months we’ll be asking you to tell us how you feel about the 2016 presidential candidates. In this issue, we provide you with your first opportunity to give the International your feedback.

We are also sponsoring live conference calls between the presidential candidates and our members. If we do not have it, please email your phone number to and give us the best way to contact you.

Turnout turnaround needed

Here’s a report on voter turnout in the last few U.S. elections, and it’s not a pretty picture:

In 2012, a cliffhanger presidential election, major issues at stake, $6 billion spent, and an increase of eight million eligible voters, all failed to sustain the upward momentum in turnout from the 2004, and 2008 elections.

Voter turnout dipped from 62.3% of eligible citizens in the 2008 election, to 57.5% in 2012. That figure was also below the 60.4% turnout of 2004, but higher than the 54.2% of 2000.

Despite an increase of over eight million eligible voters, turnout declined from 131 million actual voters in 2008, to 126 million in 2012 – 93 million citizens who were eligible to vote did not.

The 2012 turnout percentage of eligible voters was down from 2008, in every state and the District of Columbia, except two – Iowa and Louisiana. The number of voters who cast ballots was down in every state but six – Delaware, Iowa, Louisiana, North Carolina, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Engaged, voting, involved

To restore real democracy – no matter who you support – we need more Americans voting. Most importantly, we need to know what you and your fellow members think in order to motivate real activism in 2016. Our primary goal is for every member to be engaged, voting, and involved in bringing out other voters to elect the next president and Congress.

That’s how we’ll get a better outcome and bring about the real change we need in our country. In the process, we want you to hear – directly from the candidates – about their positions on the issues including where they stand on restoring America’s traditional support for working families.

We have already conducted a live call between Senator Bernie Sanders and our members. In the coming weeks we expect other presidential candidates to get on the phones to share their views directly with ATU members.

Mail the card, or go online – today!

So NOW IS THE TIME, before the primaries, for you to give us your opinion.

Are you ready to become a full partner in American democracy? Really?

Start by filling out and mailing in the card in this magazine or going online to to let ATU know who you think we should endorse for president. Do it today, before you forget!

This is the first time in my life that the Union has directly asked all members to tell us what they think on an issue. Let’s hear from you!