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Spring is Coming

This is a very difficult time for some people.  It’s stays dark outside longer than any other time of year. It’s cold.  The traffic is bad. It can be very depressing.

Winter can seem like a gloomy time we just have to endure between the holidays and spring.  Nothing much seems to be happening.

Yet we know that’s not true.  There’s a lot going on.

The angle of the sun changes as the light loiters just a little longer each day.  The earth, plants and trees are changing; getting ready to bloom.  The snow falling in the mountains will melt swelling the streams that rush to the rivers.

Lots of things are happening that we don’t notice. Winter is far from a “dead” time of year.

Plans are being laid

It’s like that in our political world too.  Those who oppose public transit are laying their plans now.

We know that there are those in Congress and in our provincial legislatures who plan to use the “austerity budgets” our nations face as an excuse to reduce or even eliminate transit funding.

We know that more local governments will say they can no longer afford to operate their own transit systems and try to contract them out to private, non-union providers.

We know that courts will be asked to strike down our Section 13(c) collective bargaining rights in several cities in the United States, and declare transit in Canadian cities to be “essential services,” barring our members working there from striking.

All of this is as predictable as the change of seasons.

But that’s no reason to be down or depressed, because we’re making our plans also.


We plan on fighting to protect and improve transit funding in any national legislation that will be considered in the coming year.

We plan to fight to protect transit workers from violent assault, and to provide drivers with adequate bathroom breaks.

We plan to fight to improve the wages, benefits and working conditions of all workers.

And we plan to fight to assure that employers accord all workers the God-given dignity they deserve.

For, just as surely as spring will come, workers will fight to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

And that process can no more be stopped than the sun can be prevented from warming the earth.

You can participate in that fight by making your voluntary donation to ATU-COPE today.