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It’s Up To Us

A very clear message is being sent to labor unions in the United States and Canada by the corporate interests who would turn the clock on labor law back a hundred years or more:

  • It doesn’t matter if you win a national election.
  • We will fight you in the states.  We will fight you in the provinces. We will fight you in the courts. 
  • We will use our corporate war chest to buy our way into state and provincial courts and legislatures.  We will turn public opinion against you.  We will make you fight each other. 
  • We will use the public’s ignorance about what we’re up to, and what unions do, to pass laws that will render Labor powerless against us.
  • We will eliminate paid health care, paid sick days, paid vacations, and pensions.
  • We will eliminate Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, and any kind of public assistance so that we can pay even lower taxes.
  • We will push workers back into the ranks of the working poor, just like they were in the late 1800s.
  • That is the road to (our) prosperity.

Ample evidence

We have ample evidence that the campaign to destroy labor unions is continuing unabated despite the victory of the Democratic Party in the recent election.

Later in this issue you will read about how they are trying to rob the collective bargaining rights and labor protections of our largest local – Local 1181 – in New York City.  You will read about how they are scheming to take collective bargaining rights away from public service workers in Canada.

And by the time you receive this magazine, you will be reading about how the Republicans in Congress are again daring to push the nation over another fiscal cliff in order to extract another pound of flesh from workers.

Sisters and brothers, there is no depth to which the corporate interests of Canada and the U.S. will not go in pursuit of lower costs and greater profits.


And we workers are simply the expendable fuel they use to enrich themselves – easily replaceable fodder for the corporate machine.

There are those who would say this is an exaggeration; that the scenario above could never happen again. I would ask everyone to pay a visit to the non-union operations run by the transit providers in our countries and see what employment is like at those properties.

Realize that that’s where they want all of us, and that if we don’t get active now, that’s where we’ll all be.

Know, however, that they may have money, but we’ve got members and a lot more voices than they have.  And, if we all stand together and refuse to let this happen, they can’t deny us.

In the coming months the executive officers and the General Executive Board will be outlining a course of action to fight those who would force us back to the nineteenth century.

Electing leaders who won’t purposely hurt us was the first step.  The rest is up to us.