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We must fight every day

The lives of transit and school bus workers can be harsh.

Working essentially outdoors, driving a huge vehicle, switching vehicles sometimes several times a day.

Repairs made in bad conditions, sometimes on the road, in foul weather. Repairs made in garages with bad lighting, bad air, bad safety procedures, the wrong tools. No bathroom breaks.

Station Agents are being attacked as are bus operators. We work in often squalid and dangerous conditions.

In bargaining, we tend to focus on paychecks. Too often we settle our fight for safety and health with not enough gained.

Want to fix it?

Fight for health and safety every day

We must fight for health and safety every day, not just at contract time. This International is working with Local Unions every day to improve your health and safety.

The Workstation campaign, which continues, can resolve several of these huge issues.

What’s more, if your Local joins the campaign, it can build to fight on all of them.

Fix the workstation

I still hear of Locals looking for answers on assaults on drivers...It’s the workstation fix.

Bad backs for drivers? Fix the workstation.

Driver blind spots? Fix the workstation!

Please talk about these important issues at your Union meetings and get involved, so your Local can get involved.

Then we can campaign for bathroom breaks. This campaign has been largely at the government level with staff meeting all the time with them.

If we want real change that improves the health, safety and lives of our members, it needs a push in the field by our members.

So, get involved today.