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Locals leading the fight

Over 100 Local Unions have reported discussing, debating, and passing resolutions at their September membership meetings to fix the bus driver workstation. Those Locals are listed on the opposite page.

If you are sick and tired of transit workers being treated as an afterthought at their own workplace, these are the Locals leading the way in fighting back.* And, we expect to hear from more Locals in the coming weeks. The initiative is already producing results. We made major progress at Local 113-Toronto, ON, with a meeting between the Local’s safety director, and representatives of the International. The Toronto Transit Commission subsequently agreed to join the union in meeting with manufacturers about redesigning the workstation.

This is important because this is the first time we have had management support in any of our meetings with manufacturers. And that matters because management buys the buses.

Workstation effort to expand to all transit workers 

This effort will continue and expand, as promised, to fix the workstations of all transit workers. We are looking at school buses, paratransit vehicles, stations, and ergonomics at desk jobs, as well.

In this issue you’ll read some of what many of you told your local presidents at those local meetings, reaffirming the importance of the campaign. It is clear that the issues of assaults, back problems, and blind spots are important to many thousands of our members.

We want you to know that the International Union will continue to fight this fight and report back to you. We are committed to preventing assaults and saving lives.

Blind to needs of workers

Why is this process necessary? Simply put, transit managers are blind to the needs of their employees and rarely pay attention to the union unless members speak together – and out loud! Remember this in your Local. If you want improvements on the job, you have to move your fellow members. 

Get involved, speak up at meetings, join your officers in any action the Local takes. Be visible, outspoken and demand justice at work.

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