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Let’s all take a stand on workstations this September

We, all of us, are about to exercise our collective muscle. The goal? Getting better working conditions for transit workers, saving lives, both pedestrians and ATU members, and improving our lives.

Imagine the power of all our Locals acting together as one! From Vancouver to Pensacola, New York to Toronto, Boston to Dallas, Thunder Bay to Seattle... everywhere we work we have common problems. Let’s all do one thing together in September to register both our complaints and our demands to improve our lives at work.

Here’s the plan

Here’s the plan: between now and our September Local Union meetings we will carry on a union-wide discussion about assaults, bathroom decency, blind spots, bad backs and respect for transit workers. We are demanding, again, that attention be paid to the driver’s workstation. As we have shown in In Transit, all over the world bus manufacturers have improved the seats, workstations and safety barriers for the better. These improvements have not reached Canada or the U.S.

At your September Local Union meeting: We are asking you to debate and vote to support resolutions on these topics.

Health and safety

We need clarity on what transit workers want to make our jobs safer and to preserve our health throughout our lifetimes. Those discussions take place at union meetings.

We want you to video snippets of the meetings with real transit workers telling us how you feel about your seats, your workstation, your bathroom breaks and your right to be protected from assault.

We will deliver that message with you to your boss. We cannot fix these problems until all our agencies and politicians understand the problems and the solutions.

The International will provide sample resolutions for your September Local Union meeting. Please talk to your officers about presenting and moving these motions.

Let’s gear up all summer and take a stand in September!


P.S. On page 27 there is an outline for our 20,000 members in New York, many of whom were affected at work by the attack on the city on 9/11, to encourage you to apply for benefits secured under the Zadroga Act. Please, if there is any chance you were affected go to the website listed and apply for benefits.

Special thanks to 911 victim and Local 726-Staten Island, NY, member Frank O'Connor who reported this to us.