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Koch brothers counting on you sitting this election out

The 2016 election campaign is now in full swing. Political pundits tell us that voters are angry, and that they’re expressing that anger by voting for “outsiders” in the presidential caucuses and primaries.

Americans have every right to be angry about the political obstructionism that has produced the least productive Congresses in history.

Some on the Right may see that as a victory, but most Americans don’t send their representatives to the nation’s capital just to filibuster legislation and block presidential appointments.  They want them to do something.

Sanders and Trump

That’s why Senator Bernie Sanders, D-VT, and New York real estate magnate Donald Trump are doing better than anyone expected.

Sanders inspires tremendous enthusiasm with passionate calls for government to do something about the economic inequality that is pushing middle class Americans into the ranks of the working poor.

Trump has tapped into the frustration of people who blame politicians for the economic conditions that hold them back; people who want their elected officials to do something to “make America great again.”

At this writing, former Secretary of State and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is regarded as the “establishment” candidate in the race.

Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX, the Tea Party favorite, is Trump’s chief opposition.

Governor John Kasich, is hoping lightning will strike making him the Republican nominee, or at least give him enough delegates to play a role at the GOP convention.

Raw deal

They all say that workers in this country are getting a raw deal.  And they all have plans to fix that by creating jobs and increasing the wages of Americans.

Your job as a citizen is to evaluate the candidates’ plans and make your own decision about which candidate will ultimately improve the lives of working families. ATU has endorsed Bernie Sanders, but ultimately it’s up to you.

The greatest tragedy of our American political system is that so many people don’t vote. Only 57.5 % of eligible citizens actually voted in 2012.  93 million eligible citizens stayed home.

The Koch brothers and all those who oppose unions and benefit from keeping your wages low are counting on you sitting this one out.

Don’t give them that satisfaction.  If most union members in this country vote – our candidates will win. That’s why I’m asking you now to make sure you are registered and get involved in the political process.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.