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Power tool and machine hazards, top list of maintenance worker safety concerns

Survey results to serve as guide for maintenance workplace safety audits

Mechanics’ and other non-operations employees’ concerns will take center stage as the Union begins safety audits of maintenance facilities at ATU properties in January.

The issues maintenance members brought up in a 2016 ATU survey (see table) will guide the International as it investigates the conditions and safety procedures found in its members’ facilities and transit garages in the United States and Canada.

Different concerns, but just as serious

As you might expect, the safety problems that affect maintenance personnel are different, but just as serious as those of their sisters and brothers in operations. For example, while bathroom access is a big problem for 100% of transit operators; it comes in dead last, at 7.06%, as a concern of  maintenance staff. Similarly, power tool and machine hazards are a safety issue for 100% of maintenance workers, but, at 1.64%, they are almost nonexistent as a safety concern of operators.

The Union will use the results of these audits to press transit managements to provide their maintenance employees with the safe, secure, and healthy workplaces that they have every right to expect.