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ATU safety ‘SWAT’ teams, Locals to perform safety audits

International President Larry Hanley has announced that the Union and its Locals will perform safety audits at ATU properties beginning in January 2018. The action marks the second phase of the international’s Workstation Initiative, which started in September with the passage of safety resolutions by Locals throughout the U.S. and Canada.

International safety “SWAT” teams working in concert with local officers and, optimally, their managements, will review the physical conditions, and workplace procedures their employees experience daily. The goal will be to find whatever problems threaten the wellbeing of our members, and fix them through collective bargaining, OSHA / CCOHS complaints, or public campaigns if necessary.

The International began its campaign for healthy, safe, and secure workstations after research and a survey of Locals revealed their chief work environment concerns. These problems were published in In Transit over the last year.

Managements invited to join

The International and our Locals will invite transit managements to join us in identifying the issues particular to their own agencies.  However, we will begin the audits in January with or without their assistance.

All the Union wants to achieve through this process is a transit workplace with the safeguards most employees take for granted. Our ultimate aim is the improvement of our members’ work environment, so that they can live longer, happier, and healthier lives.