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We get some very strong feedback on our publications, website, social media, and sometimes our mail, especially when we talk politics. Often our political discussions shift our attention away from the ATU’s central focus - the health and welfare of our members.

In the recent In Transit magazines, we have heavily focused on the programs we run to advance our members’ interests. We’d like some feedback on those programs.

We’ve been working on revisions and improvements to make these programs the best they can be. I’m thinking about training, safety on the job, health issues of transit workers, blind spots on buses, bathroom breaks, assaults on our members and more. Whatever has caught your eye that would help us think about the future of these programs for our membership. 

In December, we held a training with a diverse group of maintenance workers with a wide range of job titles and experience levels, creating an innovative, hands-on learning experience for all (see page 21). This winter, we are running two more separate maintenance trainings at the Tommy Douglas Conference Center. During these trainings we are trying to learn more about the current and emerging issues impacting our non-driving members and their needs.

How can we improve

Bear in mind, the International Union guides major programs. We are not in the garage with Local grievance and other issues impacting our members every day. On the other hand, we stand behind and support the officers and members who are. We provide research and training for every Local to better serve our members, including bargaining research, health, safety, and other assistance every day.

But, we want to hear from you – our members – on how we can better serve you. So, if you have a minute or two, send us a short note telling us how we can improve. Send your suggestions, comments, and ideas to