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20 million riders cannot be ignored

You should start feeling it in bus depots and garages all over the U.S. and Canada – we are moving, fighting back, and saying, “Hey, we’re here, and we have something important to say!"

We are moving local members to action in every corner of the Union, and the members involved love it.

Trainings have started or been planned everywhere from New England to Seattle, and from Ontario to the Bay Area of California.

Current campaigns
  • We do this while we also have ten major campaigns at some level of development, which include:
  • We are working with Local 1287 to fight privatization in Kansas City, MO, and we continue to struggle against privatization with Local 732, in Atlanta, as well.
  • We pushed back and won a reprieve from privatization with Local 1145, in Binghamton, NY.
  • Washington, DC, Locals 689 and 1764 get it, and are building a campaign to get big community support for a fair transit system.
  • In New York City, Local 1181 is hammering away every day to get 2,000 members back to work after former Mayor Bloomberg gutted their contracts and job security.  Despite success in court, we have not yet gotten corrective action from the new progressive mayor, Bill de Blasio.
  • As you read this thousands of ATU members in Local 587 in Seattle are being trained and called upon to volunteer in a campaign to pass a transit referendum on the ballot in April. There the issue of raising taxes for transit will determine the job security of 500 members and service security of tens of thousands of riders.

False sense of security

All over our two countries the attacks keep coming. In some places there is a false sense of security where members think, “It can’t happen here.”  Trust me, bad things do happen to good people and good communities.

Across the U.S. and Canada transit riders and workers have been the “Rodney Dangerfields” of public service. “We don’t get no respect – no respect at all.”

Here’s your chance to change that. We have declared May 2014 International Transit Month:

We are asking every member to join in events in your town or city during the month of May. We will be reaching out to the riders – our natural allies – to stand with us for better transit.

We will send a message that 20 million riders can’t be ignored.

Our voices must be raised in all our cities. Are you IN?

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