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Spring has arrived and summer is around the corner

Wow, time has flown and this year we as are preparing for the 57th Convention of the Amalgamated Transit Union!

These last three years have been remarkable and we have faced every obstacle imaginable. Our very existence has been challenged; state by state we have had to fight everything from completely losing our collective bargaining rights, devastating legislation thrown at us from the Right Wingers (who are really out of touch with society) to right to work.

In Canada we have had essential service legislation thrown at us, deregulation of our over-the-road members and right-to-work bills from the Wild Rose Party. The richest 2% of the world have done nothing but blame working women and men for all their problems. Did I say problems? Oh! I meant to say stopping them from making more and more off the backs of workers.

Hey Mr. Millionaire and Billionaire, maybe you should wake up before it is too late and realize how you got where you are today.

Where would we be?

Remember when Mitt Romney said corporations are people too? Maybe we can interpret that statement a little better for him. Without the people (workers) there would be no corporations.

Without working men and women and their families bonding together and sacrificing everyday, where we would we all be?
Without our sons and daughters going off to foreign soils to protect our freedom – and sometimes paying the supreme sacrifice – where would we be?

Wake-up you idiots! Show the respect that working women and men deserve, and then we can truly be great again – all over North America and around the world.

One thing you can be sure of is, as long as we have to, we will continue to fight for the rights and benefits of our members.
Please remember as long as we are dedicated to serve we will be determined to succeed.

In Solidarity,
Bob Baker
International Executive Vice President