Health and Safety Questions

Are you a rank and file member of the ATU? If so, be sure to check out our Work Safe section to learn what you can do to take safety into your own hands.

What is the safest arrangement for ventilating vehicles to prevent infection? 

  • It is extremely important that every operator employ the following air control settings to create safer airflow in their vehicles (PDF) and learn more on the COVID-19 homepage.

What kind of information is my employer legally obligated to provide if someone at the workplace has been diagnosed with COVID-19?

  • Click here for link to information on COVID-10 Tracking and Notification issues 
  • ATU recommends that its locals serve this information request to their employer, which will compel them to notify the union of new suspected cases among members, and what their policies are with respect to safety procedures and quarantine policies. Learn more here.

Is my employer required to disclose how often and to what extent it is cleaning vehicles or work areas? 

  • Your employer must disclose such information if requested to do so by your local union.  If you suspect your employer is not cleaning properly, your local should request the information and demand to meet over these and other safety and health issues.

What PPE is recommended for prevention?

  • For operators and station agents: hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, disinfecting wipes, and fitted N95 mask. Download Checklist here.
  • For cleaners: fitted N95 mask, protective goggles/face shields, gloves, gowns, knee pads. Download Checklist here.

What is my employer obligated to do in terms of ensuring a clean workplace?

  • Employers should be cleaning vehicles as frequently as possible: at least daily, preferably more. Click here for ATU’s cleaning checklist.

What general safety procedures are recommended to prevent infection?

  • Click here for ATU’s safety procedure checklist.

What should we do with a vehicle that has been exposed to either a passenger or an operator who may have COVID-19? 

  • If there is good reason to believe that someone on a vehicle has been exposed/infected with COVID-19, the vehicle should be immediately removed from service, and cleaned properly. Click here to download leaflet.

How do I properly use my mask and gloves?