ATU Celebrates Pride Month

This year, the ATU is celebrating Pride Month by recognizing ATU rank-and-file members who have made a difference in their Locals and our Union.

Brendan Anderson, Local 1005 – Minneapolis, MN

A bus operator for Metro for the past 12 years, BrotherBrendan Anderson has played a critical role in Local1005’s contract campaign that won wage increases and bonuses. He recruited his fellow members to send letters, make phone calls, and attend rallies and practice pickets throughout the campaign. Brother Anderson’s garage was always well-represented because of his ability to move members to action and his commitment to winning a fair contract. Reflecting back on the campaign, Brother Anderson said, “it was an insult what Metro was trying to force on us, we fought back, and we’ll continue to fight as long as we need to ensure respect and dignity at work.” We applaud Brother Anderson for his commitment to his Local and our Union.



Cat Cappuccio, Local 113–Toronto, ON

A transit operator for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), Sister Cat Cappuccio has been a member of Local 113-Toronto, ON, since September 2016. She was honored and proud to be offered the opportunity to serve as a Committee Member for the newly formed Diversity for LGTBQ2S+ Committee at her Local. Identifying as a lesbian, Sister Cappuccio understands the importance of living and being your authentic self without judgement or feeling unsafe. She believes that no oneshould be subjected to ANY hate or discrimination – especially in theworkplace. She wants to be a strong and active voice working tocreate and maintain a safe, inclusive, and equitable environmentfor all her fellow members who identify as LGTBQ2S+. SisterCappuccio hopes to promote tolerance, social equality, andacceptance of all people regardless of their gender or sexualorientation in her Local, at the TTC, and in her community. 



Alyssa Turner, Local 441-Des Moines, IA, She/her

A bus operator for the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART), Sister Alyssa Turner has been a member of ATU Local 441-Des Moines, IA, since 2014. Raised in a union household, Sister Turner has always believed in the collective power of workers. As a proud and out transgender woman, she also knows what it's like to work in a hostile work environment and the role her Local plays in having their members; backs regardless of how they identify. Representing her Local as a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee at DART, Sister Turner also volunteers for various organizations that support and celebrate gender and sexual minorities, including the Des Moines Pride Center where she serves as Treasurer, and various online support groups. Sister Turner believes that we have the power to make change and create a more inclusive society for all.



Johnathon Futch, Local 587-Seattle, WA

A Local 587-Seattle, WA, member since September 2018, Brother Johnathon Futch serves as a bus operator for King County Metro. As the Minority Affairs Executive Board Officer at his Local, Brother Futch bridges the gaps for his LGBTQIA+ and minority members to help foster a culture that values diversity and inclusion. A self-proclaimed transit geek, he loves his job andgoes the extra mile to get his fellow members involved in actionsand other union activities. Brother Futch was proud to beselected as one of the Grand Marshals of Seattle’s 48th AnnualPride Parade. “There were so many essential workers, workerswho didn’t hesitate to stay with their jobs during the pandemicbecause they knew they were providing vital services. I’m proudto represent my Metro family and very proud to help celebrateand recognize those in the LGBTQIA+ community who helpedperform these services every day,” said Brother Futch.