ATU celebrates AsianAmerican and PacificIslander Heritage Month


This year, the ATU is celebrating AsianAmerican and PacificIslander Heritage Month by recognizing ATU rank-and-file members who have made a difference in their Locals and our Union.


Sinh Ly, Local 1756-Arcadia, CA

A Bus Operator for Foothill Transit contractor, Transdev, Sinh Lyhas only been a member of Local 1756-Arcadia, CA, since February 2019, but immediately recognized the role his Local plays to help gain respect and dignity on the job. Brother Ly got involved with his Local right away to become an active and reliable member that was always willing to pitch in any way possible. For a heated contract fight with Transdev last July, he got involved in numerous actions including a March on the Boss that was pivotal in the Local’s success to secure a strong contract. We applaudBrother Ly for his dedication and commitment to hisLocal as a proud ATU member. 



Sina Siliga, Local 587-Seattle, WA

Sister Sina Siliga, a Transit Operator for King County Metro, has been an active member since joining ATU Local 587-Seattle, WA, in April 2002. A natural-bornleader, Sister Siliga has been involved in recruitingher Local brothers and sisters to attend rallies,Union meetings, and other actions. She wasinterested in bringing new members into herLocal, so she learned the basics of organizingand has played a key role in numerouscampaigns. She also serves as a Shop Steward.We thank Sister Siliga for her hard work andcommitment to her Local and our Union.



Calvin Wong, Local 1277, Los Angeles, CA

A Maintenance Specialist Leader for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Brother Wong hasbeen a member of Local 1277-Los Angeles, CA, for 10 years. Brother Wong has taken advantage of the Local’s training programs to move from a Service Attendant to Bus Mechanicand to Maintenance Specialist. He has been a leader encouraging his Local brothers and sisters to take workforce development programs. Brother Wong was the first Local member to attend the ENO Multi-Agency Exchange Program in 2017 and had the honor of representing frontline workers at the American Public Transportation Association Emerging Leaders Program class of 2022. We applaud Brother Wong for his work at his Local to pave the road for fellow members to take part in furthering their careers.