Action Center

Local 627 members participate in a weeklong community organizing and leadership training

Cincinnati, OH – Local 627 Members participate in a community organizing training. April Cruse and Tyronne Patrick took vacation time from their jobs as Metro bus operators to participate in a weeklong community organizing and leadership training sponsored by the Ohio Organizing Collaborative.

The training was for leaders from all across Ohio who want to become more effective in making a difference – including organizers and volunteers from the faith community, labor, electoral politics, public office holders and grassroots leaders. The training teaches ordinary people to unleash their capacity to impact the social, political, environmental, and economic decisions affecting their lives. The training was designed and conducted by experienced organizers from Ohio, New Jersey, Michigan, and Illinois, including organizers from various organizing networks and some who worked with and trained Barack Obama as an organizer in Chicago.

Topics covered

  • The principles and techniques of community organizing to build power
  • Tools to make and sustain relationship
  • Discover your self-interest and understand the self-interest of others
  • The public arena, a medium of exchange
  • Analyze and impact power structures
  • Build support with money and media
  • Facilitate an effective meeting
  • Create the building blocks of a power organization
  • Launch and win strategic campaigns
  • Structure personal and organizational time effectively
  • Analyze and act on community issues from a metropolitan perspective

“The training was hands on, interactive and challenging. The participants had to stand before their peers to speak on the issue in their hometown, share personal stories about themselves and create a plan on how they were going to organize people to fight for issues in their community. With this training I feel that I’m better equipped to be successful in organizing people and organizing money for ATU. I would recommend this training for all leaders in the Amalgamated Transit Union.”
— Bus Operator Local 627

Participants agreed it was a worthwhile experience that challenged them to find ways to build powerful coalitions in support of transit and to strengthen alliances across the state in the face of Governor Kasich’s attack on working families and public employees.

If you want more information about community organizing training that you can take advantage of in your own cities and states, please contact the Department of Field Mobilization for more information.