Action Center

ATU NJ State Council Fighting Back

The ATU NJ State Council has made a commitment to build coalitions with a variety of transit and community advocacy groups such as the tri state transportation assoc,, and others. We have put together committees in each local to organize members and promote voting registration, COPE drives, and community action.

In March we held our first mass membership meeting comprised of all the NJ Locals with the assistance of the ATU International, to discuss issues most important to transportation and the future of our jobs.

In NJ we are fighting against the constant attack on public workers and collective bargaining. Gov Christie has been relentless in his attacks and unfortunately NJ with the help of some from the democratic side of the isle passed legislation to weaken collective bargaining. The ATU fought in solidarity with teachers, police, firefighters and state workers but health care and pension legislation was enacted, creating undue hardships on over 500,000 public sector employees.

Although we lost this battle we are determined to fight on and win the war. We will refocus our energies and reevaluate what elected officials we will support. It’s time to hold them accountable.


  • Locals are organizing cope drives
  • We have updated and established accurate databases with members info for robocalls and notices.
  • We are working closely with our central labor councils and state AFL-CIO.
  • We are encouraging members to get involved in the political process as voters and candidates on all levels.
  • We are building relationships with other unions and local, state, and federal elected officials.

The NJ State Council is hosting, in conjunction with the NY State Legislative Committee, a Legislative Conference in July to address regional issues that effects mass transit and working families.

Raymond Greaves - Chairman New Jersey ATU State Council