Action Center


The ATU is Fighting Back: Field Mobilization Department is here to help!

In the face of attacks on working people across America, massive budget cuts that result in loss of service, privatization of public services, fare increases, and layoffs of our members... Our very future is on the line. 

Our mission is to help local unions get members up and fighting. If you have a struggle in your city, our department will be there with you: helping to strategize your campaigns, mobilize your members for direct actions and rallies, build community and worker-rider coalitions, and more.

We recognize there are many battlefronts and we look forward to working with Locals that are ready and willing to fight.

Resources and Reports

  • Back of the Bus: Mass Transit, Race, and Inequality (Link)
  • Taken for a Ride (55 minute documentary film) (Link)
  • Policylink: Equity Caucus (Link)
  • TEN: Stranded at the Station (Link)
  • T4A: Seniors Mobility Study (Link)
  • Brookings Institute Report on Transit and Access to Jobs (Link)
  • Leadership Center: Grassroots Toolkit (Link)
  • ATU Mobilization Toolkit (PDF)