Action Center

Canadian resources


Association Québécoise du transport et des routes (AQTR)

Creating networks within the transportation community, exchange of transportation information. (Available in French only) Website

Canadian Institute of Planners

Organization of planners that advocates responsible planning and development. Website

Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers

Organization of transportation engineers, planners, technologists, and students.  Website

Canadian Transportation Research Forum

Association of transportation professionals from transport companies, federal and provincial departments, and universities and colleges.  Website

Canadian Urban Transit Association

Association representing the public transit community, dedicated to establishing public transit as the primary mode of transportation in urban settings.  Website

Intelligent Transportation Systems Society of Canada

Professional non-profit society, with the goals of fostering ITS applications, promoting government-industry cooperation, and strengthening the Canadian ITS industry.  Website

Transportation Association of Canada

Forum for gathering or exchanging ideas, information, and knowledge on technical guidelines and best practices.  Website

Association for Commuter Transportation of Canada

Provides tools, resources, and services for Transportation Demand Management professionals.  Website



Academic Groups

University of Laval:
Interdisciplinary Research Group on Mobility, Environment and Safety

Network for researchers assessing the impact of vehicle use on energy efficiency, the environment, and safety.  Website

University of New Brunswick: Transportation Group

Research group in the Department of Civil Engineering for post-graduate studies in transportation.  Website

University of New Brunswick: Academic Institution Links

Links to transportation-related programs in Canada and internationally.  Website

University of Toronto: Joint Program in Transportation

Research papers, projects, and links related to improving transportation in Canada.  Website

University of Toronto: Data Management Group

Data sets derived from the Transportation Tomorrow Surveys on urban travel conducted in the years 1986, 1991, 1996, and 2001.  Website

University of Toronto: Sustainable Transportation Research

Research projects related to sustainable transportation systems.  Website

University of Manitoba: Transport Institute

Transportation and logistics research and education.  Website

University of Saskatchewan: Transport Research Centre

Multidisciplinary research and training in the field of transportation.  Website

University of British Columbia: Centre for Transportation Studies

Development of research and education in transportation and logistics and exchange of ideas and research results between the faculty and the community. Website

École polytechnique de Montréal: Groupe MADITUC

Projects concerning supply analysis, transit network simulation, transportation planning. (Available in French Only)  Website

University of Montréal : Institut d’Urbanisme [Urban Planning Institute]

Accredited urban studies programs. (Available in French Only) Website



Research, Action and Advocacy Groups

BC Sustainable Energy Association

Non-profit association committed to promoting sustainable energy, energy efficiency, and conservation in British Columbia.  Website

British Columbia Cycling Coalition

Advocacy for better cycling in B.C.  Website

Better Environmentally Sound Transportation

Vancouver-based advocacy group that offers research, programs and policy solutions including links to sustainable transportation resources.  Website

Centre for Sustainable Transportation

Studies, data, events and publications.  Website

Citizens for Safe Cycling

Ottawa-based education and advocacy group.  Website

City Green

BC organisation with information on EnerGuide, climate change, and reducing personal environmental impact.  Website

Clean Nova Scotia

Information on climate change, health and environment, and for kids.  Website

Community Bicycle Network

Toronto area cycling programs.  Website

Cycle Ontario

Advocacy for better cycling in Ontario.  Website


Sustainable transportation resources, tools and links with a Quebec focus.  Website

Moving on Sustainable Transportation

List of project funding recipients.  Website

Messenger Institute for Media Accuracy

Contains the updated Messenger Industry Handbook and monitors and analyzes media reporting related to messengers and couriers.  Website

Option transport durable

Information on sustainable transportation issues in Quebec. (Available in French only)  Website

Rocket Riders

Supporting public transit in Toronto, with extensive links.  Website

Transport 2000 Canada

Research, public education and advocacy.  Website

Transport 2000 Québec

Research, public education and advocacy. (Available in French only)  Website

Victoria Transport Policy Institute

Extensive on-line transportation "encyclopedia".  Website

Vélo Québec

Advocacy for better cycling in Quebec.  Website



Downloadable Resources

ATU: Recommendations for a National Transit Plan (PDF)

ATU: Field Mobilization Toolkit (PDF)

CUTA: Federal, Provincial & Territorial Funding of Public Transit in Canada: A Compendium (PDF)