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Workstation Initiative

As your local is busy planning for your September Union meeting to pass the Workstation Initiative resolution, it will be important to publicize these events to your local press to generate media coverage.

We have prepared an easy-to-use Press Toolkit to support your local press outreach. Below for download is a shell press release, press release quotes, talking points, and Tips to Deal with the Media. Here is all you have to do:

  • Press release - Fill in the highlighted areas of the press release with your local information and pick a quote from the press release quotes to add to your press release.
  • Outreach to media - E-mail the release to your city’s press outlets and follow up with phone calls. If you do not have an e-mail list of media in your area (newspaper, TV stations, radio stations, bloggers and other civic-oriented social media), please contact the International President's office and they will put you in touch with our communications staff to help.
  • Press interviews – Review the talking points and “Tips to Deal with the Media” before doing any interviews
  • Press coverage – Send any press coverage to the International President’s office, post on your website and social media.

Remember the press are essential partners in our efforts to engage our transit agencies, elected officials, and the public, especially riders, in our campaign to fight for a better, safer and healthier bus workstation. By working together, we can ensure the media have what they need to spread the word.

Shell Press Release (DOC)
Quotes for Press Release (DOC)
Talking points (DOC)
Tips to deal with the media (DOC)


ATU Locals that have passed the Workstation Initiative

125 years ago this year ATU was formed. One of our first fights was to get enclosed driver vestibules (workstations) on the streetcars we operated. Mindful of our history, what better way is there to celebrate our anniversary than to fight for a workstation to stop bus blind spot deaths, assaults on bus drivers and dangerous fumes.

ATU launched a Workstation Initiative Campaign. Locals will be putting forth the "Resolution to End Fatalities and Injuries Resulting from Poor Transit Bus Design" at Local union meetings.

See which Locals that have passed the Resolution by clicking here.