Action Center

ATU Locals 308 and 241 endorse Jesus "Chuy" Garcia for Chicago Mayor for April 7 election

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel isn’t just out to destroy labor unions like ATU. He’s dead set on ripping off every working Chicagoan that he can in the meantime. Mayor Emmanuel is at the heart of the frustration working Americans have had with the continuing economic inequality and corporatismin both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

  • Rahm uses red light camera as a back door tax on working Chicagoans
  • Rahm has closed 50 of our neighborhood schools
  • Rahm has done nothing to improved public transit or our jobs
  • Rahm gives tax breaks to his wealthy elitist cronies

Rahm is bad for the ATU and working families. ATU will be out be out in full force day in and day out at bus stops, and transit centers throughout Chicago energetically working to elect Chuy Garcia as mayor of Chicago on April 7.

We need ATU members and retirees to help to
Get-Out-The-Vote for Chuy and defeat Rahm.

Call our volunteer hotline at 312-623-9097 or your Local union office to get involved today!

ATU election campaign materials:
Rahm's Redlight Ripoff (PDF)
Rahm's Guide to Chicago (PDF)
Chuy-Chavez-Washington (PDF)
Rahm Wrecking Chicago (PDF)