Above and Beyond

Shalita McDaniel

Cincinnati metro buses make 50,000 trips a day. One trip became one of the most memorable for 19-year driving veteran Shalita McDaniel as a man collapsed in front of her bus. The Local 627 member said he first instinct was to go around the man, but she was afraid cars behind her bus would run him over. Instead she got off her bus and helped him while calling 911. One rider said about her actions “We see miracles every day. Do we recognize it is one thing or another? That day, she was that gentleman’s angel. Who knows what would have happened? She did the right thing."

McDaniel said she takes her job as a professional seriously, and she hopes if her loved ones were in need, someone would step in and help them.
“I would hope and pray that someone would help mine out. That is how I always think. I think about my kids; family members,” McDaniel said. “We serve the public, you know what I am saying? In whatever manner, we serve them.” ATU salutes McDaniel for her quick action and compassion.  Read story.


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