Above and Beyond

Natalie Barnes

Milwaukee bus operator Natalie Barnes is setting the standard for kindness and compassion. The Local 998-Milwaukee, WI, member, was driving on a cold night when a regular rider, Richard, told her at a layover that the home he was living in had been condemned and he had been out on the streets for a week. She offered to buy him food and let him stay warm on her bus. On her next break, Barnes connected Richard to the emergency shelter Community Advocates, who is helping him find a permanent home. It was all caught on the bus video and the agency honored Barnes for her good deed.

“Every time I see the video, I am inspired by her act of kindness and compassion,” said Andi Elliot, CEO of Community Advocates. “She treated him in such a dignified way to get him to a place he needed to be.”

ATU couldn’t agree more. We applaud Barnes for going above and beyond to help this rider in need and setting an example for all with her actions.

Above & Beyond Honor Roll